RN to BSN Program

  • Enable nurses with an associate degree or diploma and with an active RN license to complete a bachelor of science in nursing degree
  • Accredited programs rely on the “BSN Essentials” to make sure all grads have a baseline of knowledge and abilities
  • 2016 AACN data reported over 673 RN to BSN programs offered nationwide
  • Roughly half (346 programs) of these programs are 100% online, another 20% (145 programs) offer between 51-99% distance learning to complete the degree
  • A number of these programs are cooperative or dual enrollment programs with community colleges for students that are completing their first nursing degree
  • Based on national work to remove barriers to nurses seeking the BSN, RN to BSN program should not exceed 24 months or $14,000 to complete; most nurses with an ADN from an accredited school should be able to complete the degree for $10,000 or less and with tuition reimbursement, have little or no debt